Super Jesus In A Party Hat


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Dead Aim And An Eye For Destruction
Orange Purses Are Awesome
1. 8 - 10
2. A Song For Aiudi And Sir Scott
3. About How To Screw People Over Using High Beams
4. An Awesome Political Song
5. And I Thought The O.C. Sucked
6. Attention You Crafty Cats
7. Autumn Rymes With Fall
8. Call For Clancy
9. Calling Abe Lincoln A Liar
10. Canada With A Side Of Blah
11. Candle Light Tree House
12. Cell Mates In Love
13. Cell Phone Tetris
14. China Jimmy Buffet
15. Cities Lies To Us
16. Comedy Like Kung Pow
17. Corpse Sealant
18. Courage Much
19. Don’T Tell Them You’Re Ron Simmons
20. Every Song In The World Is About Tony Danza
21. Excuse Me But You're On My Jester
22. File Under X Gothic X
23. Fishnet Stockings
24. Great White Carp
25. Han Solo
26. Haunted Lighthouse
27. Heroic Dalmation
28. Hooray For Curtains
29. I Live For This Stuff (Heroin)
30. Ice Hockey Go Boom
31. I'm No Criminal, I Was In The Movies
32. Jackie Chan Adventures
33. James
34. Jason Vs Bambi
35. Johnny Damon
36. June Sixth Two Thousand Six
37. Ju - On
38. Kimmy Gibbler
39. Lindsay Lohan Is A Filthy Tramp
40. Maybe You're Frankenstein, Douche Bag
41. Metallica Go Boo!
42. Movies Starring Marlon Wayons
43. Never Hug A Mummy
44. Never Xylophone
45. Oh Well
46. Okay Whatever
47. One Of Those Long Dramatic No's
48. Pearl Harbor
49. Play Cello, Play Pong
50. Screw You Ken Jennings
51. She's Pretty And All But Damn (Camel Toe)
52. Skateboarding Is For Queers And Mike Valley
53. Sleep Night, Good Tight
54. Small Doses
55. Snow Plows In Danger Town
56. Social Robot
57. Something About 5 A.M.
58. Sugar Hips
59. Ten Acre Road
60. Terror Is Fun
61. The Hiv Says Aiiids
62. The Maury Factor
63. Two Star Horror Flicks
64. Ugly Ninjas (A Song For And Possibly By Carlos)
65. Vroom Wyoming
66. Water Fit For A Whore
67. With Backs Turned
68. Zombie Wolf
Super Jesus In A Party Hat
Things That Are Gay Are Gay (Except For Lesbians)

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