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Artist 7 Method, The
Album(s) The 7 Method


You see me, your trying to go farther but you can't see the light form your reflection's got you blind see
You need to open up your eyes you need to find a the shades of truth and find a better way to live your life
You don't stop, your head's spinning round and round your gonna pop
But whatcha gonna do you're gonna stop, drop, no kid your on a roll
You're gonna gain a whole world but whatcha doin' bout your soul?

Whatcha gonna do?
There's a wall standing in front you need to break through, but it's new to you
The view that you're not used to
You need to come onto the other side and see what's waiting for you if you get rid of your pride
You need to confide, need to hold on to the shore before the high tide
Leaves you longing for a part of you you can't hide, you lied
Got to much pride inside so give it to the one who paid the ultimate price he died

You're bringing me down so you can lift me
You're taking away so you can give me
You're bringing me home so you can send me
I know you've got more for me
You're shining a light so you can show me
You're planting a seed so you can sew me
You're bringing me close so you can know me
I know one day you'll let me see

(Repeat 2nd verse)

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat 1st verse)

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