Titanic lyrics

Artist Artch
Album(s) For The Sake Of Mankind


Skies were clear that april-night
The mighty ship on her "virgin-voyage"
Shining like a "silver-sun"
Queen of the seas, sailing-on

Hold the course, the captain
Gave his command
"Full-speed ahead", this is..

The great "titanic" - yeah
Flags raised-high..
If only they had known
The great "titanic" - yeah
'Cross the atlantic
Cruising on and on - yeah

She sailed with speed
In glory and with grace
Queen of the seas..
(Titanic-down, down)

A "fort of steel" - unsinkable
Built to survive, she sailed to glory
At the iceberg, like a knife.
Cut her open to end her story

"Abandon-ship", I hear the captain cry
"We're going down, let's man the life-boats"
"Save the woman and children first"
"Send out the message"...s.o.s
(Titanic-down, down)

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