To Whom It May Concern lyrics

Artist Artch
Album(s) For The Sake Of Mankind


Let my statement be clear
Dear mr. editor, don't hang-up
Lend me your ear
I'm just a common working-man
Doin' the best that I can
But to whom it may concern;
I've just about had enough

My neighbor looks set in his fancy "corvette"
With the "stereo"-loud screams
While I ride the subway from monday to friday
Mingling with the crowd
They say that crime does not pay
But-"hell", I'm changing my way
To whom it may concern;
I'm tired of trying to make an honest-living

"To whom it may concern"
I only say; "let justice be done"

Dear mr. editor, this may sound familiar
But I've paid my dues
To the society, with pride and in piety
But, what's the use ?
Tell me, what have I earned ?
I get nothing in return

To whom it may concern;
I'm tired of trying'...I've had enough

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