Pleasure Of Molestation lyrics

Artist Caedere
Album(s) Mass Emission


[Hypocrisy cover]

Conquest is my art!
Some say, in god's ear
I'm yours 'til you find my noose
Your name, brought us here
To molest, this evil boy

( Chorus )
God's own destiny
Their gathering
Brought you to me!
At the altar they recently found you
Running loose with hellish volition
In here your soul will be dead
All livings beings will rot in hell!

Call my name, I will be
An admission that ceased to exist
I curse, thee whom I save
Darkening, will son be here

Wait, sacrifice my live
With this evil unholy knife
With the opening hand to a god
Fuck jesus christ!

Slaves of the lie, they needed eyes
Users, beggars, believe yours
I won't deny!

Dying, for god, I'm not with him
Crime, is in our... hearts
You not reveal!

[Repeat chorus 1 time]
Sacrifice a virgin on your knife
Would you be a servant, for satan or mankind?
Sacrificing pieces of your life
I carry no grief, for jesus christ!

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