The Player's Got The Blues lyrics

Artist Charlie Daniels Band, The
Album(s) Fiddle Fire


When I woke up it was raining
Well I got soaked
When I woke up this morning
I was cold and wet and broke
I ain't got no destination
I'm just gonna follow my shoes
I may run on up to dallas
But the fiddle player's got the blues

Feel kinda like ole ray charles
Georgia on my mind
Sho wish I could get there
I ain't got a dime
These hard times that I'm having
I guess they call it paying dues
That's just how things get goin'
When fiddle player's got the blues
Yeah, he's got the blues

They say playing in these beer joints
Kinda keeps a man in touch
Sho beats pickin' cotton
But it just don't beat it much
I guess it all comes down
To whatever life you choose
And you know I ain't complaining
It's just the fiddle player's got the blues

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