If Only lyrics

Artist Christine Evans
Album(s) Take Me Home


The sun goes down
Another day passes me by
The human heart crumbles
And another soul is questioning why
Under the paint we're black and white
Scared to fight
You hold the answers that are always wrong
And always right
Hold it or push it away
The answers that you're scared to face

I never said that it'd be easy
Even if we tried
I never said that I could read through your mind
You turn to me lookin' for answers out of my concern
I guess you wouldn't be so lonely
If only you could learn

So far but so close
That you can hit it with the sound
Of your breakin' heart
When the ocean surrounds me
I close my eyes and listen to the sound
Of the waves crashin' in on me
As I tumble through the darkness
Keeping still my shaking breath
Are you ready yet?

Repeat chorus

I'm tellin' you we're better off
Better off this way
Stand up and face tomorrow like today

Repeat chorus

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