Smash lyrics

Artist Cindy Alexander
Album(s) Smash


I am your typical aquarius
With libra rising so you don't have to ask
And if you can't find that perfect line
Well then, you can throw me a pass

Smash me
Turn it up and blast me
If you wanna have me
Give it some gas and
Crash me
With all you got or pass me
If you wanna have me
Then you better blow my mind

Stop burning a hole with your stare
Come on, take a chance and touch me there
I don't mind a little bit of pressure
Cuz it can take some tension for two to get together

Repeat chorus

(For live version add: I know I said it before, I'd rather kick down your door than call...)

Get it into your head
I like my love on the edge
I fall
I fall...just to feel alive

Repeat chorus

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