The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth lyrics

Artist Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Album(s) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


Once - the dogs have quit their barking
"Son," - my neighbor said to me
"Know the emptiness of talking blue
The same old sheep."
Run - I'll do no more this walking
Haunted by a past I just can't see

But let me tell you I have never planned
To let go of the hand that has been
Clinging by its thick country skin
To my yellow country teeth

Far - far away from west virginia
I - will try on new york city
Explaining that the sky holds the
Wind the sun rushes in and a child
With a shotgun can shoot down
Honeybees that sting
But this boy could use a little sting!

Who - will get me to a party?
Who - do I have yet to meet?
You - you look a bit like coffee
And you taste a bit like me
How - can I keep me from moving?
Now - I need a change of scenery
Just listen to me I won't pretend to
Understand the movement of the wind
Or the waves out in the ocean or how
Like the hours I change softly slowly
Plainly blindly oh me oh my!

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