My Best Friend And Me lyrics

Artist Clay Davidson
Album(s) Unconditional


As I sit here watchin' the sun come up
Through the back window of my pickup truck
I recall how it used to be
Cruisin' the town all night long
With a couple of beers and a radio song
My best friend and me
Just my best friend and me
My best friend to me was more like a brother
I'd run around with him more than any other
Where you saw one you saw the other
Just a sittin' around or runnin' for cover
That's the way that it used to be
With my best friend and me

Well there never was much goin' on
But it beats the hell out of staying home
Mama said you're headin' for trouble boy you wait and see
We would go in spite of hell or high water
Never had a worry, never had a dollar
My best friend and me
Oh, just my best friend and me

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