It Happens lyrics

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Album(s) En Garde


All the leaves falling at ground
Just like our love
It's mockery
It's make believe
The choice is made

How many times did I call
And can't get no one
On the telephone line
How many times did I call
How many times

Love fashion of collapse
It happens
Pricey and obscene
All I needed
Achieved and completed
Yet still it bothers me

I've started a band that can't break up
Cause it's down to one man
And now I believe that it ain't that tough
No it ain't that tough

I know I'm second string in this town
And I'm fine with this
I'm down in the basement trying to make shit up
Yeah, just make it up

Rock, rock
Record, record
Rock, rock
Record, record
Rock, rock
Record, record

And how did it? could it? take this time
To make one rock song
Now I believe that it is that tough
Yeah, it is that tough

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