Adrift lyrics

Artist Digital Ruin
Album(s) Dwelling In The Out


I've always been one to follow through
With all the things I said I would do
And when the lies were said and done
I never strayed from the vision

I've always been one to look inside
For something more that I could hide
I asked for truth, you questioned why
Did you read the bottom line?

I've been outside for some time
Holding out on that part in a new life
I've been learning the hard way
And each lesson found is the start of a new day
I've been looking for some time
Trying hard to believe in my own mind
To follow through with what I feel
And find my mission in life

( Bridge )
Will I ever find a higher ground
Will I ever change what's inside
And bury the past in learning to survive

( Chorus )
We are adrift

With your doubts still you carry on
Always dreaming of what could have been
Always looking for the other ride
Never knowing that the answer was inside

( Bridge )

( Chorus )

We've been adrift for some time
Holding out for a part in a new life
We're learning the hard way
Can you hear a single word that I say

( Bridge )

( Chorus )

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