Chaingang lyrics

Artist Engorged
Album(s) Where Monsters Dwell



Coming for you in the dead of night - quarter ton killing machine
Taken a life for every pound he weights
Record book for murder spree
He plans hard and fights had and if he fights
You at all
This mountain of kill fury
Gut up and buckle for you dust, a drooling
Smile is
The last thing you'll see

Back in the 'nam, m-80 in hand - frags, "pies"
And grenades
Out of control - mounting death toll - only one
Spike team remains
Return to the states - ident erased - where he
Strikes next? no tellin'..
Tractor chain lashes out to give you a clout -
Caves in heads like over ripe melons

Gut you! fuck you! eat you! tear you limb from
Fuckin' limb!

You face chaingang! can't stop

Abdoments ripped, kidneys torn, steaming shit
Bleeding hearts

Rotten remains rusted wrecks
In this underwater tomb
Multitudes of murderous methods on his
Mindscreen spell your doom
Prescient sociopath
With enormous appetites
Devouring his victims
Will you be his mean tonight?

Sks - spitting lead - death breath
Unstoppable - insatiable - cannibal

[Mosh part]

You see him coming?
Get out of his way
Crpss his path and its your turn to pay
He'll make you wish that you didn't
'Cuz chaingang is coming and you're on his list

Belly bile, gut juice, viscera, shit tubes
Offal fat, chittlin' goop, butchered monkeys
Rendered fools..

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