Death I Have Become Thee lyrics

Artist Forest Of Impaled
Album(s) Forward The Spears


[Music: m. trela, a. adamus / lyrics: m. kolar]

This darkness swirls all around..
This blackness calls to me..
It whispers my secret name..
I remember now, as blood fell from the sky..

We walked among the fields charred skulls
My mother and me, my mother death!

As a boy I fed from her withered breast
Moonlit night suckling beneath her blackened wings..

Thus she spoke to me:
"The end of days is nigh my son..."
In a voice like breaking bones
"Your will be the way!"
"Your will shall be done... destroyer... destroyer!"
"An endless silent void... your shrine unto me!"

I bend...i bow...i prostrate..
I offer my life to thee! I beg your silent grace!
Spread your wings... let us embrace!
My very blood screams for your touch!

...This, my darkest deed!

Agonies bastard son!
Darkest angel of suffering smiles!
Destroyer of worlds!
Betrayer of hope!

Do you know me? ye I have come!
I have become death! I am death!

Do you know me? ye I have come!
I havebecome death! I am death!

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