Love Me lyrics

Artist Gemma Fox
Album(s) Messy


Woke up this morning wiped the sleet out from my eyes, opened the curtains and the birds were in the sky, oh what a
Beautiful day, I give thanks and praise for everything that I am! now that it's time to get ready and I dunno what to
Wear, today I will leave off my make-up and I only brush my hair, riding a fantasy, I've just got to be, ready to be me!

( Chorus )
Because I love me, I'm proud to be me, coz I love me, it's all I could ever be, coz I love me, I'm just proud to be me yeh

So as I walk out the front door the children play their games, I wave at some passers by but cant remember their names
Man playing melodies, he lives on the street, as I look the other way! so as I jumped up the cues there seems to be
Delays, woman is angry coz shes late for work and lost her place, car drivers are you in, people laughin, its just another

( Chorus )

I am beautiful, dont need to be told, more than what you see, your insequality!

[Chorus x2]

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