Fear Is The Enemy lyrics

Artist Gnashing Of Teeth
Album(s) Gnashing Of Teeth


Fighting off the darkness seeping deep down into secret places of my soul hiding seeds in the crags of my mind where shady dealings try to take control the snakes slithers incognito wearing sheepskin, stealth-like through the obvious building a home out of facades, raping my mind with the lie of fear of trust my soul beaten down by the lack of faith is just fear of what I cannot see through fear, derives anger, thrust back on self, causes despair with the blame on me but now I stand to fight with the hope found in you, gives me something to live for the black downward spiral, cycles of death to my spirit I now find no more fighting is my faith, my strength grows in trusting you overcoming these feelings of dread

I will make it through paralysis, you will have no more of me I am set free by the blood of the lamb prince of peace, destroy all yoke of slavery all fear overcome, mercy lies in his hand darkness consumes my imagination but the day has come for separation captivity, lost in my own mind but now faith has come for me to find I feel my fear, I fight my fear, you kill my fear, I will not fear now I battle the odds I face through praise because you have become my refuge I don't know what to do, but my eyes remain upon you to deliver me so you are my deliverance, and you give me rest to help destroy all of these false securities I'll give you praise, and lift up your name, for your love endures eternally

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