Doomsday Warrior lyrics

Artist Goddess Of Desire
Album(s) Let Us Win This War


I possess the cruelty of evil forces dark
My soul needs blasphemy on the path of doom I walk
Lord satan hear my oath do stigmatize my soul
Thy symbol evil goat to worship it's my goal
Puked forth my sorceries and raised my venomed cup
Lord satan curse me please I'll hold thy scepter up
Lead: earth's bastards I shall slaughter of demonic lust I bark
I'll rape their corpses and utter my lust-screams through the dark
I'll crap piss onanate on holy heads cut off
With hellish lust I'll penetrate to howse their dough

Hear altars scream for blood in the evil shrines I haunt
Come demon's daggers stab these virgins tightly bound
Immaculate untouched by something called a dick
Oh cunts deprived of lust your blood so pure I'll lick
Oh midnight darkness lust incinerates my soul
The warlock's dices are cast now total death's my goal


Walpurgisdark is shining on sacrificial knifes
The demon's wait to dive on the earthly ruler's wives
They push earth's filthy lucre out of their assholes salved
On this combined with puking the god-like virmin calved

I carve a pentagram above the druid's feet
Oh satan, behold your son, I free my final seed
With it I shall envenom these infants all new-born
Like mutants all inhuman they'll face the wordly scorn
For I'm the whelp of satan diabolic is my force
I'll collect your bibles amen and shit on them of course


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