Unchain My Heart!!! lyrics

Artist Gorgoroth
Album(s) Incipit Satanas


Dear siteowners

Please note that I am writing on behalf of prophecies publishing (pp) and as their business manager. pp is the official music publishing company of the band grogoroth

The band has requested us to take care of a removal of their lyrics from your website

Herewith we request you to remove any lyrics of the band gorgoroth from your systems immediately, but not later than 18th feb 2004
Please be aware that we will undertake any necessary steps (even legal steps) to enforce this

This is nothing against you and your business or dedication, but you will understand that we as music publisher of the band will have to enforce the copyright as desired by the songwriters
Since you did not license the lyrics you violate international copyright laws and conventions

With best regards

Arne beckmann
Prophecies publishing

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