Terror Tv lyrics

Artist Graveyard Boulevard, The
Album(s) Toe Tags And Body Bags


Chainsaw wielding fiends, feast well while the demon sings
Cannibalistic freaks say, welcome to the bottom of the food chain
Look who's stalking now, the next victim in a towel
Grave robbers in the rain, digging up the dead to find a better brain

Big knives, last cries, last lives
Blood stains, remains, no brains

Tv, tv, tv, terror vision for me
Tv, tv, tv, total violence for free

Ultra exploding heads, do a line for the living dead
Telephonic with a devil scream
Gonna blow your mind with the middle finger widescreen
It looks like scary potter, doing tricks with the neighbors daughter
Killer clowns from outer space, shoving cotton candy right in your face

Terror tv, terror tv

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