White Devil lyrics

Artist Graveyard Boulevard, The
Album(s) Toe Tags And Body Bags


There's a legacy of hatred towards me
Born on chaos and anger supreme
The brutal truth is, I can never hear
When white lies fall onto deaf ears
The weakest race is the one that you breed
Born a bastard son of racist deeds
Stand accused of things I've not seen
The white mans burden is no kind of queen

Hated by the people, branded sick and evil
Slave to the sin that's under my skin
I am the white devil

There's a tendency of hatred for me
Rumors for the unjust so everyone can blame me
Now take a deep breath, so everyone can hear
No exception for the weak, the prey, you better fucking kneel
Now you say you want a reparation
Pay you back for past generations
Here's an injustice you can understand
I'm gonna march to england and get back my land

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