October, November, Ohio lyrics

Artist Imbroco
Album(s) Are You My Lionkiller?


Got fever again
Your feet are colder then winter in wisconsin
Sweet dreams reluctantly end
My freezing hands burn to be touched again
I'm not desperate or deep
Futile wants surfacing
Wind up my gears too tight
Breaks like clockwork
Tree eats kite
This is not an entry for your diary
This is a confession of the ministry
Is was suspension of disbelief
Delusions of grandeur
Visible signs of relief
December as one. alone
Fighting off the temperature
Winter hollowed out
Set free
Capsizing rapidly
Get your days straight
Quit lying to me
I wish I could
But you would never believe
I regret every second spent
Decisions make damage permanent
This torch I hold is all that keeps me from burning down

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