The Deepest Wound lyrics

Artist Inner Surge
Album(s) Solus Verum


Still to come
What is still to come?
The mold - now it has to be shattered
To finally expose that which really matters
So show me anything that can't be bought or sold
Attempt to recreate the purity felt so long ago
This is a war against lies and the blistering cold
The deepest wound will reveal itself as gold
Save the dogma for another weak mind
Useless communication to the blind
Read the conditions on the contract you've signed
Does it provide the peace that you had hoped to find?
Apologize now to change the plot of the story
I refuse to ignore the suffering of the ones who came before me
Even though so many others are chasing worldly glory
Openly I say "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Here is something we do not need
Greedy beasts telling us what to believe
You question and accuse who you think we may be
But we are so much more than you can see
Why all this belief in columbus day?
He stole a pure native people's land and committed mass "murder"
May our love resurrect them today
Monkeys don't grow lion's manes
Now what's happening here?
What is this place and these things around me?
A false hologram that we've been trained to see
Tell me, explain what it is you believe
Go on go on and pour the salt in my eyes
Try to blind me with your filth and lies
But my eyes are open to this war
While the soldiers don't know what they're fighting for
Ego thinks he's strong
But he must learn
Ego thinks he's strong
He must burn

We have been tampered with
Asking questions when we should have found the answers and applied it
Searching for religious institutions to confide in
Voting doesn't count when their agenda's been decided
He preaches now as if he knows what it means
And uses it's power to forge patriotic dreams
Giving all our money to the military
Removing books of true knowledge from the library
Rebellious children running
Soon their empire will be nothing
Expand your perception of the man
And you will clearly see the puppet

Let's start over again
Awaken again
Learn peace again
Know ourselves again

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