Peace Like A River lyrics

Artist Isaacs, The
Album(s) Heroes


Did you ever have an empty feeling
Many miles away from home
Everybody's tryin' to treat you friendly
Yet you're alone
It's taken some time for me to uncover
The purpose he has in my life
Don't know where it will take me
But I know where I've been
And I know it feels so right

I got peace like a river
Flowin' deep in my life
I got peace like a river
And you know it feels so right

I got peace

Now I am not one who can move high mountains
Or part the big red sea
Nor can I walk on the water like peter of jesus
Or set a lame man free
It's all I can do somedays to get through
The valleys here below
I don't feel I deserve a mansion in heaven
But it would please me so

(Chorus x 2)

I got peace

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