Thou Art Incarnated Souls lyrics

Artist Izakaron
Album(s) Chaoschrist


[Lyrics: morkh/ based on e.f. russel's "the only solution"]

He is alone in space where no one dwells
Neither voice nor whisper neither handgrasp
Nor other heart's warmth in the solitude of the
Imprisoned in the obscure void of a voiceless

No pity or sympathy of the other soul to be met
But a ghastly shadowed night - burning
Having descended into darkness like the one
Who has lost his sight and lost the signs to be

I am creator of a myriad souls of mine
I am creator of infinite views

The force is held within the stream of his own
Transforming cosmic desires into astray reality
Creating an infinite dream of a new place to live
For him
He's intent to disintegrate into countless pieces
Multiple forms

He will sow the seeds of foe straight amongst them
He will sow the seeds of war cold and blackest
He will weave the threads of fate inside the great one
He will sow the seeds of peace and reap the

"I will ensnare them with ignorance..."
"Thou art incarnated souls..."
"...But allowing to acknowledge..."
"...Thou art master of eternity..."
"...Everything...everything anew"

And now the time has come when there's no need
But a myriad of living beings yearn to unite forerver
Reality is to be born out of his fantasy
He gazed mightily into darkness and uttered:
"Let there be light"

I am creator of a myriad souls
I am creator of infinite

...And the light appeared..

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