Strangers An Hour Ago lyrics

Artist John Brannen
Album(s) John Brannen


This was the last place this was the wrong time still here you are in my arms
Dancing cross the floor like the moon dances with the stars
Feels like I know you known you forever still I hardly know your name
You don't have to say a word your eyes tell me that you feel the same
And I've already fallen farther than I ever thought I'd go
I never was the kind for love at first sight now I believe it's so
Cause we were strangers an hour ago

Well it's not like me to be so reckless only fools rush in they say
But even if my heart is gonna break it's a chance I'm gonna take
So hold me closer we'll keep on dancing maybe you won't want to go
Just like that rambling rose you never know where love is gonna grow
And I've already fallen..
And I've already fallen..
Strangers an hour ago we were strangers an hour ago

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