I Can't Wait lyrics

Artist Keke Wyatt
Album(s) Soul Sista


Going to the salon
Gotta get my hair done
Pedicure manicure everything I need and more
It's going down today I can't wait to celebrate
Drive to the car wash after that I'll drop my top

Chorus: I can't wait it's going down tonight
Time to play everythings gonna be alright
Got my girls on the phone
I've been waitin for so long
It's a party going on tonight

Verse: time for a shopping spree
Spending money just for me
I don't need a man's pay I can make my own way
Credit card bank account,long as it is allowed
Thank god it's friday
Doing things my own way

I got my dress, I got my fendi shoes, gotta get my prada bag
Step out the s-ca jag, then go to ballay's,to get the facts away
Then get on my 2-way,my girls reply and say
I can't wait

(Everybody let's party)

Said it's a party,a party,party,party
Party, party,party
Party, party,party

Bridge:2x (until song ends)

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