Juin lyrics

Artist Loudermilk
Album(s) The Red Record


Lover suffer a heart shaped like strutter, I feel it in my bones
We're breaking up on the telephone
Faster cancer spreading through my answer
I'm swimming through your noise, your beauty covers up my voice
Another cover you crawl, low distrust her
It's spinning through my brain and crashing down like an aeroplane
Quicker sifter you shock, shock a french kisser
I love it when we fall, you're sucking sick out of my soul...fall down in juin
I'll rise in juillet, the summer of love has turned into night
Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road
There's no light to your love and no end to your hope
Grace and control ascends like a dove
All that is good should come from your love
Sin like the sand and stars in the sky give me your strength and spark in my eye
I'm strong as I'm fading out

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