Still Life lyrics

Artist Lucy Kaplansky
Album(s) Flesh And Bone


Sadness is a little boy looking
Out the window high above the city
Counting statues of people on the buildings
Thinking that the people are forever

He wants his father to be a statue
On the rooftop of his fatherless home
So that he can always see him
So that he will never leave him

Late at night in the darkness of his dreaming
His father's words fall down in a rainstorm
And the words become hands that will guide him
Through his life in the world just beginning

You cannot live in bronze or stone
Make your life in flesh and bone

Stranded is a man no longer searching
For the life he had hoped for and imagined
Courting fear instead of a woman
Holding sorrow as his only companion

Counting days like his money in the markets
And watching life from the window in his office
Maybe one day I'll have the courage
Maybe one day I'll sail across the ocean

But I feel safe in the light of my computer
This is how I choose to live
Fixed in stone a man will wither
Running waters are the life of the river

You cannot live in bronze or stone
Make your life in flesh and bone
Remember me..

Frightened is an old man limping
Through the park on a dark december day
He stands frozen at the base of a statue
And he hopes for a warm hand to help him

Tonight he will dream that he is flying
Over banks of a river he remembers
His father's voice will echo all around him
His father's hands will hold him in the sky

Now I can sail across the ocean
Now I will sail across the ocean
Now I am sailing across the ocean

I cannot live in bronze or stone
I must live as flesh and bone
Remember me, remember me, remember me..

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