If Not To Crumble Under The Weight Of A 2,000 Lb. Bee lyrics

Artist Milk At Midnight
Album(s) A Fit To End All Time


I got a hole in my jeans
A stain in my shirt
I never really thought
Another line could hurt
Been here all week
I stay up all night
I think I'm gonna stay until I get it right
It's not like you're in rehersal
This time it's all reall in the samurai hotel
It's not that pain is a virtue
We thought "there's no way
It can't even hurt you"
You said "don't look back in anger"
Dancing on graves, not afraid of the danger
One arched brow set off the whole room
And then on one march day
You finally broke through
Is this what you want?
To throw it all away?
If I got there in time
Then you'd be here today
And that would make me smile
If not to crumble under the weight of a 2,000 pound bee!

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