Grey lyrics

Artist Moon Of Steel
Album(s) Insignificant Details


I'm here
It's what you want
Only to save me
Hear you
Strong what you say
Feeling sorrow and pain now
For your silence

They get you vile and stronger
You're laughing for tears I give you
How could I know

I am the game you are playing
When all that you can
Is abuse me like that
So be it, take me along
Just a body, no feelings
But I fall easily
Now I know what you want

Just let me stay here
No words
And pure

Not in
Your way
Now I can play

Take me now, for what I am
Just a game you like to play
If it's the way it has to be
Then let's be on our way
Don't use mw to run away
The chaos of your mind
Don't use me to fill up
The grey loneliness
Cause I cannot stay here
When hearing your lies
I cry...again

I can feel
Use me for waiting
I'll stay here
To see your pain
Regain my soul
And leave you
Take all I am
Leaving no more
At your mere disposal

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