Nothing Makes Any Sense lyrics

Artist Mordor
Album(s) Prayer To...


Nothing makes any sense, we'll all die anyway
Everything will terminace, everything will pass away
Nothing's gonna stay, the memory will perish too
The sun will go out, and then the earth will dry and crack
The univerce will die in spasmatic convulsion
Leaving the emptiness difficult to understand
And afterwards the eruption again, a birth of the world
Which is the beginning of its dying
Again the same earth
The same events
The same people, everything printed in the
Old matrix
Everything a new
As ever in cycle
People are born only to die
Birth becomes worse than death
Those who don't see dying of all things
Live unwary and happy
Nothing makes any sence

Pain for all those
Who have thought too much
And have understood nonsense
There's no steadlines
And there newer was
Everything changes
Everything dies
The cycle repeats and passes away

Death is a change
And the change leads to death
The body will die, the soul will get killed
Everything is feeling - that' the only rule

Nothing makes any sense

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