It's Over lyrics

Artist Nevergoinghome
Album(s) Remember That We Won't Forget


There go my chances, theses circumstances are
Feeding the fire of lonely desire for you
I'm alone in my room and the music is booming 'cuz i'm, trying to forget what we had, it's not that I love you, it's just that I want you so why should I lie to myself or to you or to all of these people, they'll all think i'm evil, wait they already do and so do you, i've got to remember things don't always work out, i've got to forget that night that we spent together, all alone, that magic is dying we're tired of trying we failed
I've got to forget what we had, and how much can I take
Until I wonder why again until I want to try again
And how much can I cry, before its boring repetition

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