Memoriam Tenere lyrics

Artist Nihili Locus
Album(s) ...Ad Nihilum Recidunt Omnia


Huge trees dominate the immense
They're without a natural color
Only the night, darkness, obscurity
Drawn on'em wonderful esoteric shadows
I revived in my memories (but I don't live)
I'll blot out my memories
I revived, I live in a pale light that is on my walk
Doom is written!
Memoriam tenere!
I still see your cerulean eyes, fixing me and
Hiding behind - white candles -
I see you, you run, you escape
But it's useless - ha ha ha ha -
You know it's too late, doom is written
- memoriam tenere -
Don't use your tears, I'm heartless! - ha ha ha ha -
A drop of your blood
Drop by drop - slowly -
The death will come, a drop of my sperm - will be -
The child of hate, of my hate - you... -
Don't be afraid, you won't die under - the hot sun -
The mantle of novembre will tie your chains
- and you will slowly die -
Slow your suffering, slow my pleasure
Memoriam tenere - worshipping your dead flesh -
Memoriam tenere - smelling your stench -

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