Drama lyrics

Artist No Ones Kind
Album(s) Newborn


Here comes the cold now..
When two become one
Something is lost in between the wreck
Like the sun we burn for effect
Drama takes the lives of a precious few
As we take the two in completely
Like a show you stare and watch them
Religiously you stand and watch them
Just turn it up, just turn it off
Like stories I have been told
A script can break it all
I've seen this all played out in my head
The role's dead and it's over
But you leave me raw
Suddenly the screen lights up again
Pretend one more time that you are my friend
This life less ordinary has got me
Feeling sick to death with jealousy
Because every now and then we lie
So you think you've broken down the storm
Tried again until you feel complete
You always take another step away
Here comes the cold now
You think it's over now
The curtain's come undone
The story's been played out
Now we touch to hold in time of desperation
We touch to feel each other slip away

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