Wounded Moon lyrics

Artist Oratorio
Album(s) The Reality Of Existence


In the night time I flew
Through the sky and wounded moon
Imagination power of mind
Makes you scream until you cry

Like a silent whisper in the air
I can still hear voices in my head
They tell me there is nothing left and

I don't know what they will do to me
When everything is said and done
There's nothing
I don't know what they will do to me
Please take away my life if I don't care
There is hope if there is love
I think so
But why you said it will never be the same
Don't let me go

Crying out with no tears
With no sorrow, depressing fears
Devil only thing that reminds 'bout you
Is bleeding heart, this wounded moon

I've been walking through the debts of insanity
Because of the lies of the devil
But then you came into my life
And showed me the way, and now
I can finally say you are my lord

King of kings and lord of lords you are
You have the power and the strength
"My sweet jesus"
I put my trust in you and never let you go
My hiding place eternal grace

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