Let's Celebrate, The Exploration Of The Human Body lyrics

Artist Ordo Equilibrio
Album(s) Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance


Every voluntary sexual experience
Is ultimately more positive and conferring
When utilized as a sexual encounter
Regardless of the outcome
Then any intense and compelling sexual fantasy
Never utilized

I believe masturbation to be truly gratifying
And a natural expression of human sexuality
And loving yourself
Both literally and physically
Is truly the initial stage
Of any true and unconditional love

Let's celebrate
The exploration of the human body
Let's celebrate
The exploration of the human mind
And the excitement that is possible to disclose
From employing ones true and profound desires

What is truly a greater stimuli
Than the thriving sexuality of human imagination
Acknowledge and embrace your true sexual nature
As a good orgasm
Certainly confers an equal measure of energy
To any variety of ritual sacrifice

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