Perversion Of Hate lyrics

Artist Origin
Album(s) Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas


[Lyrics: lee, music: ryan]

Lighting the fuse
Months of planning now becomnes beginning of our wor
For mankind
Hatred flowing to destruction
Sickening heart that hardened amongst failures of a
Wasted lifetime
Disenchanted obligation to destroy and crush our illusion of safety
Unknown reasons for the killing
Polite, engaging killer, decorated by the ones he has killed
Fantasizing horrid mass explosion, children blown to
Bits and ripped of their lives
Dark sentiment of his hatred
On the day they all died, no one quite knew yet of all their demise
Crushing fire, fall to earth and die for the sick cause of this
Tormented soul
Meticulous, the perfect plan
Domestic terror born born to us and now the manhunt is beginning

No priest will be there as he is strapped to the table
Defiant until the end
Death is now his next adventure for mass murder
Deeply depressed, one way focus
No point to delay, can't admit your ownly mistake
Time to check out, end all appeals
There's no remorse
Now planning his own funeral
Mentally ready, no fear, no doubt or regret
A one time crime for eternity, his demeanor
Failed belief in the afterlife
Stoic bold soldier at war with nothing that's real
Growing rage and isolation, needs enemies

No regret for your crime
The end will justify all the means
Numb to the pain you cause
You don't really know quite why you did this
Inject you with your death
You still feel no pain, you know you won

Hero, rolled up eyes in his head, now he has died
Bitter, now we pay for his lost, demented soul
Avoid emotion through intellect and pain, hide
Rulers spit in your face and you laugh, hate


Innocent victims with nothing to do with your cause
Burnt to death and crushed under the ashes and dust
Scouring through the remains of the sick visions to
Find parts and pieces of destroyed humans
Terrible shockwaves that tore through the land as you
Killed and the families that suffer the pain that you brought
You choose your own witnesses to your painless death
You should suffer a million deaths before you die!!

The pain and torment that you have left behind
Won't be felt by your indifference for life
Hated by many, disdained to all
Singular focus, embracing death's call

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