A Solitary Walk lyrics

Artist To Elysium
Album(s) Nightmare's Nest


["Let us permit nature to have her way; she understands her business better than we do." - m. de montaigne]

They're standing there for ages
As if they are a solemn hedge
The trees like silent watchers
Silent in their pledge

They mourn the loss of summer
Aware of the coming rain
They seem to know what is at hand
Autumn's here again

Their wilderness seems loveless
If only they could wail
If only they could somehow
Ease the burden of their tale

One by one, they let go their leaves
It seems it's so much more..
As if they bend their roots in prayer
On the forest's floor

A leaf falls on my shoulder
I search the treetops for a trace
I see the sweeping branches
Feel the wind over my face

Finally the sky cracks open
Rain yearns to be free
A sigh slips from the rustling trees
I know they understand me

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