Drowning lyrics

Artist Tocata
Album(s) Tulpas


What lurks beneath the waters of your mind?
What shadows can you see surfacing in these infested oceans?
Throw in a line and watch it sink
Just be prepared for the biggest fish that you have ever seen
If you choose to use the wrong bait
Then you choose to lose
Your fate it's yours to help create
Just know the tides keep getting higher every day

Tread the water

Can you doggy paddle cos you're not a catfish
There's only one style that you should know
Try this time
To push yourself harder
And keep your head above the waves
And inside the clouds you will find truth
Try this time

The sun beckons you
The moon becomes you

The sun beckons you

Call it the tides of life
So everchanging but always heading willfully towards the shore
Try this time
Not to tip the tall ship that feeds the man-eating sharks that circle impatiently
You'll want to try this time

The sun beckons you
The moon becomes you

The sun beckons you

Please don't be weighed down by his words
So tempting but he wants to hurt the children of the sea
Inside of us we drown ourselves
Believing in lies we drown ourselves
For making our dirty flesh seem so godly clean

The sun beckons you..

When I look inside
I can see a light piercing through the muddly blue
And now the fishes die
But I know if I try
I can peel away the label of fool

The sun beckons you
The moon controls you
The sun beckons you

I am not sick
I am a fish

I am not sick..

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