Stab lyrics

Artist Tocata
Album(s) Live @ The Annandale Hotel 14/09/03


My left hand stabbed

Someone, anyone please
I'm locked in a place that gets more confusing
Everytime I hear my voices
I must find out
Where to get out
I don't think I forgotten
I was purified
Before I was able to sit the test
Now I gotta remember

All that I am
I of the damned

The power that I hold in me
Is something I won't give in for free
I know if I throw it away this time
It may well be the end of the line

The power that is gold in me
Is everything that I want to be
I know if I hold it tight this time
It will be the start of all things devine

I am one
I am everyone
Please know that I don't mean to hurt you
I'm starting to grow
I'm finding my own way to get out
I don't need to forget
Just keep my soul clean so that
I can pass my test
I remember

All that I am
I of the damned


My eternal flight
I must fight for what I know is right


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