Even U lyrics

Artist Tonex
Album(s) O2


Verse 1
I am young so I know the pain you feel
It seems like there is no hope for you
But i'm here to say, god says that's not true
And I know that you still may have some
Questions in your mind, in your mind…
Like, you've asked the lord
"How long will I go through these changes?" and
He replies, "until you realize that I am the source of your life."

He doesn't care about all the things you've done
Jesus is love so you don't have to run
Give him your life, he is the only one
Jesus loves everyone even u, even u, even u

Verse 2
So you think that you're too far gone
The love of god can reel you back in
And fill your heart with peace and erase the sin
Please let him in, he wants to use you for his glory
Use you for his glory…for his glory
I know sometimes you feel like saying
"I just can't make it!"
But with the help of god, he will see you through
Don't you feel his love drawing you?



Jesus loves you…

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