Hood lyrics

Artist Trillville
Album(s) The King Of Crunk & Bme Recordings Present: Trillville


(Lil jon)
Ladies and gentlemen ,I'd like welcome you, to the life and times, of trillville. now I'll be your guide on dis here journey. it's your boi lil jon checkin in and first up we'll let my nigga dirty mouf holla at cha

(Dirty mouf)
We can take it to the streets nigga, if you got beef. dont bring no hoe wit yo I'ma knock out ya teeth, run ya fake hands, nigga keep talking shit. i"m in yo damn house wit cha girl on my dick
I'm realest motherfucka when it comes to making hits, so shut the fuck up before I bust ya in yo lip. the street lights on for the best to go home. it's gettin late for ya as I shine up in chrome. aiming at cha dome, buck shots ranging.I'm deep off in the game with a niggas bringing pain. nigga fuck the fame all I want is the doe, my name aint yo boy so dont try me like a hoe. I'm not cha average joe that you see everyday, I rob,steal and kill just to get my ass paid. I shine like da blang on da old school. a nigga acting fool make a nigga break da rules fo real

(Verse 2)
I know for a fact ye aint ready for da streets, ya selfish reign nigga on dis concrete. ya fall to da ground den ya splatter to ma feet.ya soundroll nigga, go home you cant compete. you and try in being me, dey watch tv, they try and imitate but dat gone make em fake. cuz the hood aint acting, niggas start relaxing.thinking they can live in dis world witout packing, self the janet jackson.niggas still laughing.and how we broke it down to a motherfuckin fraction, 2 transaction and aint no body askin. until you ran your mouth like a motherfucking faggot. and aint no variations, niggaz still hatin, but I guess I hate too cuz I hate the music they creating, hoes that they saving, bands that they making, and whoever else like em so I hate dey fan basis. yeea

(Verse 3)
Look, ye aint ready for the streets.. you claim to be hard but cha weak. a bad bitch, and ya sweat at cha meet, the only thing you probably touch was a feet, ya beat cha meat, now picture me I'ma servent, get cha ass up da block you aint working, ya'll wanna trill nigga den close da curtain, ya need to take ya ass home, and dats for certain. a bitch, hard like a dick ready to fuck. and we aint take a shit we gone bust a nut.some niggaz do it for a meal and when times get hard they get up in yo grill, fo real. man where a nigga live and I aint trippin cuz thats all I got to give. it make a young nigga e stronger I guess thats the reason why a nigga stay ballin

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