The Fallacy lyrics

Artist Truthbeknown
Album(s) Stealing Stones To Build Tomorrow


my tongue cannot be bound
When my eyes see, the hypocrisy
The fallacy and the obsession with separation
I won't live this lie
This life is mine
Responsibility I must claim
In my life, no room for remorse or regret
In these eyes
My hands cannot be bound
When my heart bears, the cross it's made to bear
The frustration, and sacrifice
Of generations
But this is not my life
Waking up, so terrified
I expect to find their hands on my throat
But I won't go, I will resist
My eyes fixed on the fire that guides me
Burning bright in my heart of hearts
Unquenched, unconquered, unvanquished
There is no silence
There is no surrender
There can be no silence where hope remains

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