The Dawn Of The New Empire lyrics

Artist Veles
Album(s) Black Hateful Metal


Under the grey dust of oblivion
Foul by the leg of god on the cross
The bones of pagan kingdoms rest
Worshipped by their warriors
Praised by the psalms of the night

Golden force of hatred
Power enchanted in the glare
The black moon arises
To light the night of return
Reborn by the breath of abyss

Banished knights return
The pagan empire returns
Ice lies down on the earth
The dawn of the new world comes
It shows transformed face of the earth

The last battle comes with the day
On the horizon, the last warrior draws in the shadow of death
Destroyed legions of heaven
Blood permeates the earth fast
Oblivion covers the temples

Pagan warriors return with their targets
Wind spreads the ashes of destruction
The dark gods bless the winners
In the glare of torch, calm faces are seen
The night covered the day and light

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