Unit 731 lyrics

Artist Vile
Album(s) Depopulate


[Music: davis, strong lyrics: urteaga]

Trapped in their cells infected with plague
No hope for cures a sentence of death
Dissected like rats they're kept alive
To observe the decease devour with speed

Thousands of strains and mutated germs
Bacteriological weapons of war

Practice the art of deceit
Harness the power of disease

Prisoners of war to serve all our needs
Infect and destroy our enemies
No human value disposable lives
The silent delivery of death from the sky
Hundreds of thousands of subjects lay waste
Destined to suffer a slow painful death
World domination through bacterila bombs
Chemical weapons that spread through the air
And thousands of rats infected with plague
Released on the public to prey
And they prey!!

Wide spread contamination unfolds
Uncontained proliferation of the virus
Death is near
Anthrax spores multiplied and rapidly infest
Incessantly winding it's way through the land
The first waves of victims appear miles away
Leaving remnants of mortal decay
Mortal decay
Leaving remnants of mortal decay

[Solo aa]

The world will never know
Thr horros of war that occured
Erased from the books forever
In return for the power of knowledge
The power of knowledge

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