I'll Shake Your Hand And Slap Your Face lyrics

Artist While I Breathe, I Hope
Album(s) I Have To Let Go


And you ask me why i've withdrawn/from your false shallow words/i think you know what I mean/is this really all its for/a temporary smile and a warm heart/glowing till I see you stumble/crying waterfalls of tears/i'd like to take a knife to your watering eyes/but i'm not sure it's as harsh as the act you've worked so hard for/willing to take a life/for your acceptance/and judges of your performance/are the same kids who love the corruption/needless to say i've seen this one to many times/don't ever tell me that i'm not listening/if I hear it one more time I just might burn this whole place down/maybe someday, the claims that you make about yourself/will come back to slap you in your face/but if not I might oblige/full force so you can taste despise/i'll be sure to end with a grin and a welcome/we hope that you'll come back next time

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